Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program

The SEAL program at Pascoe Vale Girls College provides personalised teaching and learning that meets the needs of gifted and talented learners. The program provides stimulating learning experiences that challenge, extend and develop the gifts and talents of students by offering acceleration and enrichment. The SEAL program offers a faster paced curriculum with no repetition and the opportunity to study concepts in greater depth.

Students suited to SEAL:

  • have above average academic ability and achieve at a high level
  • are capable of studying curriculum at a faster pace than mainstream classes
  • have a strong passion for learning
  • are capable of working independently
  • enjoy intellectual challenges
  • have superior ability to problem solve

Registration are now open

Contact for SEAL at Pascoe Vale Girls College

The SEAL program at Pascoe Vale Girls College is based on providing acceleration and enrichment for gifted and talented learners. Click the button below to navigate to the online Application and Entry Test.

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