Student Leadership


There are three categories of leaders that students can apply for: House Captains (Years 7-12), Sub-School Captains (Years 7-12) and Community Captains (Years 10-12). Each of these positions have a specialized role and works within a small team who meet one lunchtime a week to plan and host events such as fundraisers, interhouse competitions and other house activities.

In addition to representing the school at official events, the School Captains undertake a project of their own design, such as publishing a yearbook or founding a new club.

The Leadership Training Captains have the responsibility of upskilling their fellow captains through internal seminars and organizing guest speakers for our International Women’s Day celebrations.

The Wellbeing Captains focus primarily on the overall wellbeing of students within the school through their work within the Wellbeing Centre and hosting inclusive lunchtime programs.

The Young Collective Editors are responsible for writing, editing and publishing the PVGC student newsletter with a team of volunteers who are looking for writing or photography experience.

The Sports Captains work with the Wake House student leaders to plan lunchtime interhouse sports competitions to improve the physical health and engagement of students.

The Creative Captains collaborate with the Melba House Captains to create engaging physical displays and host student events for a more inclusive school environment.

The Social Captains work with the Alberti House Captains on social initiatives to promote belonging and inclusion.

The Environmental Captains collaborate with the Cowan House Captains to create initiatives to reduce, reuse and recycle within the school community.

Alberti House has been designated the ‘Social House’. Therefore, the Alberti House Captains will be working with the Social Captains such as establishing a Student Representative Committee, lunchtime clubs and other improvements to student life.

Cowan House has been appointed the ‘Environmental House’ and these leaders will be working closely with the Environmental Captains to establish a paper recycling system in the classrooms, and clothes drives, among other projects.

Melba House has been assigned to be the ‘Creative House’, therefore the Melba House Captains and Creativity Captains will be making the school a more visually engaging environment by updating the display boards around campus along with completing other projects, including sewing themed scrunchies and showcasing students’ creativity through market stalls.

Wake House is represented as the ‘Sporty House’ and will be working with the Sports Captains to hold lunchtime inter-house sporting competitions, such as netball, volleyball and soccer.

The role of a Sub-School Captain is to support the coordinators in organisational activities, assisting with Year Level assemblies, as well as hosting ‘Friday Funday’ and ‘Middle-School Monday’ lunchtime activities. The activities of these Mondays/Fridays vary from dodgeball tournaments to chalk drawings, trivia, karaoke and more!

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