The College uniform provides students with options for Summer and Winter.

Students may wear the full summer or full winter uniform throughout the year depending upon weather conditions and parent/student choice of uniform items.

The college Jacket can be worn at any time as a uniform item and as an alternative to the college jumper if preferred.

Summer Items

  • Dress: College green check (short or long sleeve)
  • Shorts: Navy with college logo
  • Shirt: White with navy trim and college logo
  • Socks: White, navy or black
  • Tights: White, navy or black

College Jacket

  • Navy with college logo

College Jumper

  • Navy with college logo


  • Plain, all black shoes or runners

Optional Accessories

  • Blazer: Navy with College logo: The College Blazer is optional
  • Bag: Navy or Navy with College Logo
  • Winter scarf: Navy

Winter Items

  • Pants: Navy with college logo
  • Skirt: College tartan, pleated
  • Shirt: White with navy trim and college logo or
  • Polo top: White long sleeve with college logo
  • Socks (with pants): Navy, black or white
  • Tights (with skirt): Navy or black
  • Socks (with skirt): Navy, black or white 

PE/ Sport Uniform

  • Polo top: Short or long sleeve, navy and green with college logo
  • Shorts: Navy with college logo
  • Track pants: Navy with college logo
  • Socks: White sports socks
  • Shoes: Runners
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