Student Laptop Program


All students will be required to bring to school a laptop suitable for use in class. Students may bring any laptop which meets the minimum specifications set out below.


At Pascoe Vale Girls College, we believe that it is important to prepare students for the world of work that they will enter when they complete study. The Committee for the Economic Development of Australia report titled Australia's Future Workforce? estimates that 40% of current Australian jobs will be replaced by automation in the next 10 to 20 years. Our aim is to provide our students with the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to thrive in this environment. We do not believe that the presence of technology, when taken in isolation, will improve our students' learning. However, when the presence of student laptops is combined with changes in teaching practice and whole-school organisation, then research shows that positive effects begin to emerge. We are committed to developing our teaching practice to make the most of the opportunities offered by a student laptop environment, and we are continually developing our whole-school organisation to take advantage of ICT. The development of the college's teaching, learning and organisation is therefore a shared effort between staff, students and parents which we believe will increase engagement, organisation, communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking in our students.

Student Laptop Program Model

Our Student Laptop Program aims to provide families with the greatest degree of flexibility possible, while also providing options that we believe will be of the greatest benefit for student learning.

All students in Years 7-12 will be expected to bring a laptop to school with them every day. Student laptops may be purchased from one of the suppliers recommended by the college (Edunet or Learning With Technologies) or any other supplier. Before purchasing from another supplier, families must ensure that the laptop meets the minimum specifications required for connection to the college network and for effective learning to take place. These are set out below.

You may bring a laptop that you already own as long as it meets the specifications below.

Advantages of Recommended Laptops

While there may be financial advantages in purchasing a laptop from other sellers, there are some distinct advantages in purchasing from the college's recommended suppliers.

Connection to the College Network

By purchasing from our recommended suppliers, families can ensure that the laptop will connect to the college's network, including network drives and printers. Laptops purchased from other sellers will only be able to connect to the internet. Students will not be able to print from their own laptop in the college.


ACER laptops purchased from our recommended supplier LWT, comes with a three year warranty. MacBook laptops purchased from Edunet come with a one year warranty.  For an additional cost, you may decide to purchase an extended warranty which provides onsite service, meaning that warranty repairs will be carried out at the college by the suppliers' technicians. Laptops purchased elsewhere may not have the same warranty length and will not be able to be serviced at the college.


Laptops from our recommended suppliers come with educational software (programs) pre-installed on them. This includes many programs licensed to the Department of Education including Microsoft Office. While no learning programs will assume that all students have access to this software, students who are able to access it will sometimes have greater flexibility in how they choose to complete tasks. Students who purchase laptops from other suppliers will be able to download software from the Department of Education's Edustar Catalogue.

Technical Support

Our own technicians will be more familiar with and able to provide greater support for recommended laptops. While we will always attempt to help students with technical problems, we can only guarantee that we will be able to solve problems on laptops purchased through the recommended suppliers.

It needs to be noted that the college derives no financial benefit from families purchasing through the recommended suppliers.

Minimum Specifications


Microsoft Windows


Processor Intel i3 equivalent or higher Intel i3 equivalent or higher



128GB+ HDD

128GB+ HDD

Operating system

Windows 8.1+

MAC OS x v10.8+

Screen resolution

1368 x 768 +

1368 x 768 +

Wifi card

Wireless N/AC

Wireless N/AC

Battery life

6 hours +

6 hours +

Virus protection

Antivirus suite, fully functioning, regularly updated

Antivirus suite, fully functioning, regularly updated