Reporting at PVGC


Student reports will be issued 3 times per semester reporting on a student's achievement and work practices in each of their subjects during the 6 to 7 week reporting period. These Progress Reports will provide regular feedback and students and their parents/guardians will also be able to track student progress throughout a semester.

Teachers will report on a student's Achievement, Effort, Homework and Organisation, and Classroom Behaviour during the 6 to 7 week reporting period using the descriptors: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Acceptable or Needs Attention.

The student's class attendance percentage for each subject for the 6 to 7 week reporting period is also provided on the progress reports. As a guide:

95-100% Attendance- Excellent attendance that maximises a student's learning potential.

90-94% Attendance- Satisfactory attendance; however, absences can make it difficult for a student to achieve their full potential.

85-89% Attendance- Attention required. The student is missing valuable teacher instruction and learning time that makes it very difficult to keep up with the set work and achieve their potential.

Less than 85% Attendance- The student is at risk of not achieving the minimum learning expectations of the subject and at risk of losing connection with their peers.

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