ICT Vision

School Vision

Our ICT vision is closely aligned with our School Vision, which is:

Pascoe Vale Girls College is committed to providing students with the opportunity to succeed as learners and as competent and confident citizens who can make a valuable contribution to a global society.

ICT Vision

At Pascoe Vale Girls College the development of our students' academic, social, and ethical capabilities is the core purpose of everything we do. All our use of Information Communication Technology seeks to achieve this. The use of ICT in the college reflects a shared understanding of effective, evidence-based teaching practice.


The use of ICT at Pascoe Vale Girls College will work to enable students to achieve the best possible outcomes through the judicious use of all tools and processes at their disposal.
We will work to develop high-level uses of ICT to enhance their understanding of all subject areas. This goes beyond research or presentation, and moves into modeling ideas and processes to develop and present complex understandings of all types of information.
We will work to develop students' ability to learn to use unfamiliar applications and processes, including the use of organisational tools, enabling them to adapt to new ways of working in future contexts.


ICT offers considerable opportunity for the expansion of social networks, both at the school and individual level.
The college will use ICT to increase connections with families and with external organisations and experts to enhance engagement and learning.
The college will help students to understand how they can use ICT to develop productive social networks to enhance learning and productivity.
The college will work with families to help them to ensure safe, productive social environments for students.
The college will help students to understand how to use ICT to work collaboratively.


Our ICT program enables students to develop safe and responsible behaviours of ICT tools and services in an environment which encourages the gradual release of responsibility so that students develop self-control and self-discipline.
Our ICT program will enable students to understand and practise the ethical use of ICT. Students will learn how their behaviour online can have an impact on their own wellbeing and that of others. Beyond this, we will encourage students to understand how they might use ICT to improve their futures by becoming active global citizens. We also aim to teach our students the judicious use of ICT. That is, when it is appropriate to use ICT and when it is not.


ICT at PVGC will enhance collaboration within and between staff and students. It will encourage and facilitate "anywhere/anytime" access to curriculum documentation, learning sequences and resources. Staff will develop curriculum in a collaborative environment and curriculum documents will be centrally available. Common assessment tasks will be stored and distributed electronically, and communication regarding these will occur between staff, students and families, enabling real-time reporting of student achievement.