Student Leadership

College Captains

Two College Captains are appointed from Year 12 each year.

College Captains take on the role of College ambassadors and act as role models to all students of the College. College Captains represent the school at College events including:

  • Year 7 and 12 Induction
  • College Leaders induction
  • College Awards Night
  • Year 12 Graduation
  • Year Level Assemblies
  • Lions Youth of the Year Quest

Sub School Executive Teams and Form Captains

Leadership positions exist for students in Years 7 to 12.

There is a Student Executive team at each sub School made up of eight student representatives who act as ambassadors for their Sub School and the College and who are the "Student Voice" within the College representing their peers in a range of forums.

Executive teams represent the College at a variety of external events and at events organised by the Association of State Girls Schools. Within the school, executive teams establish and maintain links between year levels, assist in the operations of the sub-school and liaise with year level coordinators and the Heads of school. They organise and conduct fund-raising activities for a range of worthy causes.

Form Captains are appointed at Year 7. They are role models for their peers within and outside the classroom, they liaise between their forms and sub-school staff and take on a variety of other responsibilities.

House Captains

The College has five Houses; Duff, Freeman, Chisholm, Bates and Kenny. House Captains have a role in promoting College House events such as the Swimming Sports, liaising with College staff regarding House events and building House spirit amongst students within the College.