Koori Academy of Excellence

I had the pleasure of attending the Koori Academy of Excellence awards night on Monday evening held at the Victorian Aboriginal Community Services in Northcote. This was the night that that brings together the Koorie community to congratulate and farewell the Year 12 graduates following their six years of hard work and participation in the Koorie Academy of Excellence.

Pascoe Vale Girls College is delighted that Emma Toseland received the Toorang Marnong.

University Vice Chancellor’s Award for 2019. Emma was recognised for ‘demonstrating an outstanding academic achievement, commitment to education displaying great potential and a clear educational pathway’. Emma wishes to attend Australian Catholic University in 2020 to become a Primary teacher in the future.

Congratulations to Emma and her family, well done.

Mr Forristal
Assistant Principal

Year 9 MultiMedia- Animation Excursion to Latrobe University

Our Year 9 Multimedia students working in collaboration with the screen and sound department at Latrobe University. A big thanks to the sound technician Marg, Heather and the team and Nicole Pavich (Phd Latrobe University student and PVGC alumni)

YR9MME Animation Here’s what they say!

The excursion was really fun and the ladies were lovely. It was really enjoyable and a great experience to finish my animation with sounds.


The excursion was absolutely amazing and such a rare opportunity to bring our animations to life. We felt like animators working at Disney!!


My experience in the La Trobe sound studio was especially extraordinary as it was a very exciting experience and it inspired me a lot.


The excursion was so unique and fun! We got the chance to use equipment that real animators use when recording sound!


An amazing day! Stay tuned to see the final animations.

S. Tobias
Multimedia Teacher

Japanese news 

The year 8 Japanese students attended the “Annual Japanese Film Festival” last Friday to watch “Bento Harassment”. Bento is a Japanese lunchbox and, in Japan, mothers are famous for creating very elaborate Bentos for their kids’ school lunch. Often cartoon characters are depicted in food in these Bentos. This film is about a mother who attempts to communicate with her non-responsive daughter via the Bento, often by writing messages with the food. The students really enjoyed the film and were able to learn some valuable lessons in the Japanese language and culture. 

French news

To celebrate the end of High School and to farewell the year 12 French class, the students enjoyed making and eating Crepes with Ms Deprost.

Arabic news

To reinforce learning, students from the Year 8 Arabic class, played the “Human Snakes and Ladders” game. The focus of the lesson was to revise and consolidate vocabulary in addition to improving sentence structure. 

Game rules: 

Students were divided into two groups. Each group allocated one person to move forward or backwards for them.

Students from each group picked a card from the deck. If they were  able to translate the word written on the card to English they moved one-step forward and if they used the word in a sentence they moved two steps forward. However if they couldn’t do either they moved one-step backwards. 

The team that reached the finishing line first was the winner. 

The game was very competitive and students were rewarded for their enthusiasm! 

Italian news 

Students participated in many projects to research elements of Italian culture such as Italian celebrations, recipes, historical monuments and regions, gaining a deeper understanding of the culture, history and language studied in class. Students were able to use vocabulary and grammar studied in class to describe what they had learnt.

Students in Year 7 and 8 participated in the Swinburne Junior Poetry Competition achieving amazing results. Recitation is a valued experience in language learning. Students were expected to memorise and recite their chosen poem including the title and the author of the poem. The judges assessed the students’ knowledge of the poem, correct pronunciation, intonation, appropriate expressions, gestures and eye contact.

Congratulations to all students who participated and challenged themselves!

Preparing for your future NOW!

VCE is a competition between all students who sit exams and this year an astonishing 45,333 students sat the English exam. For this exam the students had to write three essays in three hours and each essay was typically around 700 words. To be able to do this the students needed to know their texts well and be able to communicate clearly. This is not an easy task and that is why it takes six years to prepare for the exam. Every year that you study English it is working you up to be able to complete this exam.

Sometimes I hear students in middle school say ‘I will start working in VCE’. This is actually too late. VCE success depends on you working in every year level and every year is there to help you develop your skills. If you don’t have those skills you will find VCE very difficult.  So next year to experience success and to prepare you for what lies ahead in English, you should follow a few steps:

·         Read your texts before studying them in class. This is essential as the teacher will not read the books to you.

·         Take every opportunity to practice your writing. This means using the good old pen and paper as this skill is different to using a computer.

·         Watch the news or ‘Behind the News’ to keep up with the issues that you may study in English.

·         Read for pleasure to develop your general vocabulary.

·         Talk about your reading with your parents and friends.

Remember that English is a pre-requisite for many courses and the score is often set too so don’t leave English to chance!

I look forward to hearing about your successes in English in 2020.

Ms Doomernik
English LA Leader