Course Confirmation Days

Students in Years 8 – 11 have been provided with details regarding Course Confirmation. Please note the following dates:

Friday 22nd November, 2019 (Year 12 2020 students)

Monday 25th November, 2019 (Year 11 2020 students)

Tuesday 3rd December, 2019 (Years 8 – 9 2020 students)

Building Project

Work on our new Performing Arts Centre, Music and Food Technology facilities has commenced with completion anticipated for the end of Term 3, 2020.

Our Architects from Brand Architects and Project manager inspecting the demolition works.

Year 9 and 10 Girls in Property Excursion

On October 29th 2019, 15 year 9 and 10 students attended the Girls In Property program, an annual event organised and hosted by the Property Council of Australia. The Girls in Property program raises awareness amongst high school students about the vast career opportunities the property industry offers. The event was held at the newly established Melbourne Quarter in the Docklands. Students heard from leading property industry specialists, including Cressida Wall, the Victorian Executive Director of the Property Council, and Angela Skandarajah, CEO of Development Australia. In the afternoon, students were led on site tours around Melbourne Quarter and participated in panel discussions with leading professionals in the industry.  

The students that participated in the activity were:

  • Abir Abou-Eid 9D
  • Hanieh Afrakhteh 9C
  • Hazera Akan 9A
  • Kashaf Amir 9A
  • Sonita Dawood 10B
  • Samantha Dawood 10B
  • Jasmine Hanrahan 9D
  • Jasmine Hornbuckle 9A
  • Amber Niumata 9A
  • Tharuki Pathirannehelage 9B
  • Radhika Sharma  9A
  • Tahlia Sibaei 9A
  • Yamin Surges 9A
  • Mah Noor Umar 9C
  • Vidhika Vidhika 9A

Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge 2019

 On the 19th November Lizzie Blandthorn MP visited our school library and presented the VPRC Certificate to the students who completed the challenge.

Congratulations to the following students:

7A Grace Calnan, Cailey Finlayson, Amelie Fitzpatrick, Kisandi Gunasekar, Binadie Jayasinghe Arachchige, Eden Praljak, Methika Sinu Joy

7B Fatima Sye                                                                                                            

7C Yasemin Bolat                                                                                                           

7D Aaliyah Badres, Jaspreet Singh                                                                            

7E Shayoni Hewa Katupothage, Anushka Sharma

7F  Iman Khodr, Chanel Rashi                                                                                    

7G Hannan Hammoud, Israa Jodooe, Zahraa Obeid                                             

8A Katja Ayoubi, Aarmish Fatima, Lily Larris, Hooria Mubeen, Roha Rehman, Ann Maria Sarish, Minaal Shahid, Bernadette Taylor, Scarlett Vicendese, Senara Wuesuriya, Marium Yousuf           

8B Tehreem Akmal, Aylin Aksu, Selsabil Al-Manshad, Meryem Can, Savia Dawood, Sundas Hanif

8C Uma Devendran, Lina Nahlawi, Zeenathul Suhaib                                          

8D Hajir Al Mubarak, Ayesha Bassyouni, Asraa Jafar, Aaliyah Yunus               

8E Urooza Ashfaq, Aiman Baig, Adrienne Barwick, Riya Berdia, Mya Jammal, Izem Sazak, Monia Sidahmed, Josie Wallace

8F Milak Khodr                                                                                                               

9A Geetanshika Sharma

Work Experience with Victoria Police

I was lucky enough to do work experiences with the Victoria Police, at Fawkner Police Station, from the 14th October to 18th October. This work experience gave me the opportunity to work inside the police station with almost all departments of that station. It let me explore this field and observe how things work in a police station. I was performing duties such as answering phone calls, calling lost property owners, filing documents, administration duties and court attendance. During court attendance, I had the opportunity to go to the Broadmeadows Magistrates Court to listen to various cases and observe how the decisions are made by the Magistrate and see the procedures of court hearings. I also improved many of my skills such as telephone manners, interacting with other staff members and communication skills. All the staff at the Fawkner Police Station were friendly and helped me with my tasks. This was one of the best practical, professional experiences that I have ever had in my life! 

Meerab Akmal (10B)

Maths and Science News

Hands-on Maths – Modelling Exponential Decay

Students in the Year 10 ACE Mathematics elective were using play-dough to model Exponential Decay – a natural phenomenon that can be connected to radioactive decay and population decrease. There is nothing like a hands on activity to link mathematics to the real-world!

Ms Helen Andrews

House Plans – Year 7 Numeracy Program

Our Year 7 students are currently learning about measurement. As part of the Year 7 Numeracy Program, students have been working collaboratively on a House Plan problem solving task to practise applying their skills to the real-world.

Where We Have To Come