Hanging Rock Excursion

On Thursday the 17th October the Year 10 Great Outdoors elective went to Hanging Rock. The interesting thing was that Hanging Rock was the setting for the famous novel and movie where school students went missing and were never found, fictional of course. When we walked into the Hanging Rock, the first thing we noticed was that everything was so green. There were a group of kangaroos eating the grass, jumping around and sleeping in the sunlight and there was also a number of different birds around. The thing that I enjoyed the most was the walk to the summit.  It was beautiful to walk around in the green environment and see all the different plants and hear all the different birds that were flying around and also when we went to eat food, birds came up to us and they had beautiful bright colours on them. They would let us feed them as they came up close to us while the the views around were absolutely stunning. We walked around the paths, climbed onto the rocks and saw the beautiful views around us, looking at the ground below. We also snapped some great photos of the views and of ourselves. In the morning it was freezing, but as it got into the afternoon it warmed up which was nice and when we walked it was easy to warm up a lot more. It was nice being warm and having fresh air around us while we were outside. I also enjoyed having the time to spend with my friends rather than sitting around in class or doing other activities, it was nice getting out of school for the whole day doing enjoyable activities.    

By Caitlin O’Brien Year 10. 

Year 11 VCAL – Personal Development Skills

Monday the 28th of October I was given the opportunity to go into the city to attend an excursion at Mecca Maxima. The objective of the beauty lesson was to enhance my skills and knowledge in the cosmetic and beauty industry. There was a focus on work ready makeup look, as the look you wear for a professional workplace is very different to the look you would  wear to a birthday party. Whilst I have a lot of experience producing night time, party and event grade looks, I have had little experience in a professional workplace look. The make up artist attempted a few different looks using bright eyeshadow colours that I have been afraid to use which helped me broaden my perspective. The makeup artist assisted me to fine tune my blending skills in eyeshadow and contouring. Overall the experience was enjoyable, I really loved being able to learn new techniques by someone qualified and having the chance to share my passion with others. 

By Naeala Taleb Year 11

METEC Driving School Excursion

On the 28th of October the year 11 VCAL class visited the Metec Driving School. 

The Metec Driving School is located in Bayswater and they focus on teaching students how to drive and improving their skills. Their activities in class as well as in the car help build confidence in new drivers and prepare them for the road. 

Although I already had a small amount of experience behind the wheel, my instructor Anne-Maree really helped me fine tune skills related to turning, steering and controlling the vehicle.

Anne-Maree really helped me overcome my fear and difficulty of reversing. She taught me the mechanics of reversing by making me weave through cones backwards. She also taught me how to parallel park and how to do a handbrake start. 

Overall my day at Metec was an extremely educational and fun experience.

By Chloe Moskal (Year 11) 

Year 9 & 10 RMIT Art & Design Careers Workshop

On Wednesday the 23rd of October, twenty-two students were invited to participate in a workshop at RMIT for Arts and Design. Each student was selected because they each have an interest or talent in art. Whilst on this excursion every student participated in a range of workshops which covered Visual Arts, Fashion and Design and Graphic Design. The Visual Arts workshop required each student to pair up and draw a portrait of each other without looking at their papers or taking their pencil off the page. The Fashion and Design workshop required each student to create a mood board based on a theme they were given e.g happy. Once finished each student was to share their mood board and the class was to guess what theme their mood board was based on. The Graphic Design workshop required students to make posters based on issues or problems that the world faces e.g climate change. Overall, each workshop allowed students to be creative, imaginative and it allowed us to express our feelings and our talents. My experience at RMIT allowed me to have an understanding of what careers and pathways are available in Arts and Design, it gave me an insight of how University works, what it’s like to be a University student and it showed me what facilities and opportunities RMIT offers.

Grace Davies 9B

Grand Prior’s Award

Congratulations Taylah Murray and Eliza Davies on successfully completing the Grand Prior’s Award. The award will be presented to Taylah and Eliza by the Governor of Victoria, Honourable Linda Dessau AC  at the annual Government House Parade to be held on  December 1st, 2019.

The criteria that Taylah and Eliza have met in order to be eligible for the award, include:

  • Twelve Proficiency Badges (including Family Care & Knowledge of the Order)
  • Meeting the membership and service recognition requirements for a minimum of 36 months
  • No more than four proficiency badges can be achieved each year

What is the Grand Prior’s Award?

Grand Prior’s Award is the highest award that a St. John Ambulance youth member can receive. It is recognised and awarded internationally to St. John youth members after they have completed twelve proficiency badges (including Family Care and Knowledge of the Order).

Within the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem (more commonly referred to as “The Order of St John”), The Grand Prior Prince Richard, the Duke of Gloucester, is second only to the Sovereign Head of the Order, Queen Elizabeth II. The Grand Prior’s Award was established by the Grand Prior Duke of Connaught in 1931 and is the highest award that can be achieved by a youth member.

The Grand Prior’s Award is available to any member between the ages of 11 and 21. 

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