Middle School Top Achievers

This week in Middle School we celebrated the success of our Year 9 students. Those students who were the top achievers following the last round of Progress Reports along with the most improved were acknowledged.

We also acknowledged those students who have achieved 100% attendance throughout the year.

A special Middle School award was given to  Saheesa Adhikari, Maryam Ali, Sienna Munster, Tul Zahra  for demonstrating improvement in their Progress Reports over  extend rounds of reports

Graeme Goldsworthy
Head of Middle School

Karate for kids

Metamorphosis – Pascoe Vale Girls College
VCE Senior Art & Design Exhibition

Official Reception: Wednesday October 16th 5.30-7pm
Exhibition Opening 16th-18th October

Featuring creative works by our talented VCE students in
Product Design-Fabrics, Media, Music, Studio Arts and Visual Communication and Design

Ph: 9306 2544

Year 10 Leadership Conference at Mathew Flinders Girls College

A group of year 10 students including house captains have visited Mathew Flinders Girls College on Monday the 16th of Sep to attend the year 10 Leadership conference. This is an event that runs yearly for among the state’s girls schools during which students get to mingle and meet students from other schools, complete a range of activities based on leadership and team building skills. It was a great day and full of excitement and learning. Mathew Flinders hosted the event this year.

Two students from each school had met a number of times throughout the year and planned the whole day’s program. Jamilah Hussein and Rihaam Shahid were the planning members from PVGC and they’ve received an award for their hard contributions.

Below are some photos and student reflections:

Moreland City Council Youth Summit- 2019

On the 19th of September some of the year 9, 10 and 11 house captains attended the Moreland City Council Youth Summit together with other neighbour schools. It was great to learn that Skye Griffiths, PVGC year 12 student was one of the organisers of the day. Skye started the program with an inspiring and motivating speech. Students then had the great opportunity of being addressed by the Mayor of Moreland, Natalie Aboud. They were also given great speeches by different guest speakers on topics around youth: climate challenges, having their voices heard, making a difference in their communities, in the society and the world. Students had a number of very motivating and engaging workshops that focused on team building and being active citizens.

Please see some photos and reflections below:

RMIT Interior Design Collaborative Creative Classrooms Design Project

On September 19th, 19 RMIT 2nd and 3rd Year Interior Design students came to our school to take part in a collaborative Design Project with our Art & Design students.

This was a great opportunity for Tertiary and Secondary students to collaborate on a site-specific Interior Design project.

The students worked together with PVGC students reviewing their designs, looking at what is a creative classroom for environmental and spatial awareness activities.

It was a buzz to see the students’ engaged in the purpose-built designs and to find out what it’s like being design students at RMIT.

Quotes from students who participated in the event below.

“The RMIT collaborative project was a great insight into the career path of interior design and gave us a new perspective on the design thinking that goes into creating a classroom.”

-Alanah Santos

 “Being able to interact with and see how university students work was a great insight into university lifestyle and the kind of art areas I, as an art student, could pursue.”

“It was great to see the new ideas that architectural uni students were proposing for our school and how they are trying to actively implement these designs in the school system to give future generations the chance to have a new and improved learning environment to help aid them in their studies.”

-Alexandra Ridgeway

We would like to thank the university students for taking the time to come to our school and actively gaining feedback on their designs. They were able to further improve their designs by gaining 2019 secondary school students’ perspective.

S.Tobias and P. Yan