Japanese Excursion

On the 5th of August, the Year 9 Japanese classes went out on an excursion to scrutinise the vast variety of Japanese food. To expand our knowledge of Japanese cuisines, we first visited the Consulate General of Japan. We were greeted with a luxurious entrance and friendly staff members to make us feel warm and welcome. Two vivacious women explained different foods which are picked from wide selections, they explained the food’s own characteristics which originated in Japan. Not only did we perceive the depth and history of Japanese food, but we also understood the connection it has to Japanese students’ school lives, we learnt more about the cultural food in Japan. We got a taste of the very popular sports played there. This was fascinating to most of us as we were familiar and unfamiliar with some of the daily routines taken place in Japan. Soon after digging into the enthralling educational background of food and sports in Japan, we visited a Japanese restaurant full of different ranges of Japanese food.

The menu was large with a variety of colourful, vibrant and flavourful food to choose from. This menu suggested cocktails, soft drinks, meat, sushi and noodles. I chose spicy chicken with a side of coke and noodles, whereas the people in my group chose octopus. The prices were affordable, the spicy chicken came with a choice of either noodles or curry on the side, in total, it cost ten dollars, and the coke, three dollars. The appetising and flavourful food left our mouths-watering for more afterwards. The restaurant carried a traditional Japanese vibe to it, the restaurant was encompassed with pink, vibrant cherry blossom trees and dark wood creating booths for everyone to sit at and enjoy their meals. Everyone was given their own sense of tranquillity and privacy in their very own seats with their peers, making the place very pleasant and enjoyable.

After finishing a memorable meal, we walked around the streets of the city, then took a tram. We admired the view and the crowds outside the tram’s window. The bright, blinding lights, the grinning advertisers wandering around the streets, the people rushing frantically to the tram, all of this was enough to make us watch in awe. How different the city people’s lives was to our everyday lives. Our teachers, Miss Goda and Mr Gregory took us to a popular Japanese shop called Daiso, there were all sorts of items, from makeup to culinary kitchen appliances. Everyone took their time, looking at all the cheap, aesthetically pleasing items. 

The day was successful and left everyone happy. We definitely would go again!




Zeynep Uzunbay 9D

Year 12 Studio Arts Excursion

Thursday 8th August

The year 12 Studio Arts students recently visited the National Gallery of Victoria exhibition ‘Fairy Tale in Red Times’. This was a special exhibition from The White Rabbit Gallery Sydney, showcasing the creative energy, technical virtuosity and conceptual richness of contemporary Chinese artists.

Pascoe Vale Girls VCE students had the opportunity to explore the space, talk with the education officer  about the artworks, the conservation and symbols of work. 

After, the students headed to the Blindside Gallery to take a look at an artist run initiative gallery and compare the differences between the exhibition spaces. 

Moreover, we then headed to Sarah Scout Presents, a commercial gallery located on Collins street, here the director spoke to us about the role of the gallery and details on the types of artists they show there.

This excursion was designed to assist the studio arts class in their upcoming SAC and the final exam.

Batul El Masri 
Art Captain

Year 9/10 Futsal

On the 26th of August, the Year 9-10 Futsal team competed at the Inter-School Futsal game held at Coburg Basketball Stadium. The team did amazingly and finished the day with a 2nd place only by goal difference.

The team had 2 wins and 1 draw. The draw was versing John Fawkner College (2 – 2). The girls had a good fight with strong attacking and defending to start the day. The 2 wins were against Ilim College (5 – 1) and Australian International Academy (5 – 1). All the players showed talent, skills and great team works to beat the opponent teams. Thank you very much for all the hard works and supports from all the players. Well done team!

Coaches: Mr. Freeman, Ms. Yan and Ms. Hodges

Iesha ATIK
Melanie VANG
Evangelina VLAHAKIS
Zeynep KOC

Coburg Little Athletics