School Production – Beautiful Nightmare

Venue: Glenroy Secondary College Pac

Dates: Wednesday July 31st 7.00pm and Friday 2nd August 7.00pm

Cost: $10

Rehearsals for this year’s production, “Beautiful Nightmare” are well underway, with students working hard on their songs, choreography and characters.

The Evil Sandman, the god of nightmares, (Safiyah Siddiqui) has gone power mad and is turning all the good dreams into bad ones.  The Good Fairy (Taylah Ryan) intervenes, sending two young sisters (Nethme Dassanyaki and Sasha Fitzpatrick) into the dreams to turn them happy.

There are monsters, an evil Queen, a nasty nurse, and a whole plethora of characters good and bad.  Featuring songs such as Beyonce’s “Sweet Dreams”, Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk”, Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” and the Goo Goo Dolls’ “Iris”, as well as some older classics such as “Mr Sandman” and “Dream a Little Dream” the show is going to be a lot of fun!