Course Counselling resources for parents/students

Below are 2 links and a video that will be extremely useful to parents during course counselling in Term 3.




The Diabetes Victoria Diabetes at School on line education package can be accessed by all school staff, parents and carers. The three five-minute self-directed learning modules will help to ensure that all school staff, parents and carers understand type 1 diabetes and how it impacts on a student’s day to day life, provide knowledge about how to respond appropriately to students experiencing hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia and information about Diabetes Action and Management plans. Click on this link for the training session – https://diabetesatschool.com.au/

St.John Ambulance Easter Camp

Hi everyone,

Last month a group of our Pascoe Vale division members took part in the annual St John Youth Easter Camp.

The theme of the camp was ‘Once upon a time….’, with elements of classic movies and personal stories woven throughout the activities. Highlights of the camp included a very rowdy ‘Aladdin’s Run’ game, ‘Mulan’s Martial Arts’ at 6.30am (not a popular activity), ‘Cinderella’s Budget Ball’, and the ‘Finding Nemo Easter Egg Hunt’.  Each team choreographed and performed a Flash Mob dance to a famous movie song.

The camp provided great insight into what services St John delivers in Victoria and to hear about careers in health. Members were able to participate in interactive sessions involving the CPR Lab, a Patient Transport presentation and a demonstration of our Medical Assistance Team’s equipment. Members Jack Boessler, Jarryd Redinger and Laura Taylor spoke to the members about their careers in paramedicine and nursing. A fun First Aid competition was held on the second day at the State Hockey and Netball Centre, with some rather unorthodox treatments in some cases!

Campers also challenged themselves with sporting and water activities at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre and a scavenger hunt at Melbourne Zoo.

Overall was a great experience that wouldn’t be possible without the planning and help of the leaders including Taylah Murray and Gabby Iocco, our leaders. Thank you to Nicole Jaggard for all your hard work with the Good Friday Appeal.

By Nessryn Tabiaat

Moreland’s Children

Lets Talk About Kids

Anglicare Victoria

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Year 10SIA Zoo Excursion

On Monday March 25th, year 10 Science In Action participated in the Big Picture Biology program at the Melbourne Zoo. Big Picture Biology shows students how the principles they’re learning in the classroom are applied in a real-life context to bring endangered species back from the brink of extinction. We need to understand a lot about animals in order to save them from extinction. Through workshops run by experienced zoo-based educators and student-led enquiry, students investigated four endangered species – the Southern Corroboree Frog, Asian Elephant, Helmeted Honeyeater and Philippines Crocodile – to understand what it takes to ensure their survival. Students discovered how Zoos Victoria use methods such as behavioral observations, population modelling, data interpretation and record keeping to better understand and protect endangered species.

GTAC – Your Body at War Excursion

The International Day of Immunology is an exciting, global annual event that, in Victoria, showcases this state’s contribution to research and education in this exciting field of science.

To celebrate the occasion, the Gene Technology Access Centre (GTAC) in Parkville hosted the acclaimed full-day program “Your Body at War” for selected students of Unit 3 VCE Biology.

Ten students from year 12 Biology at PVGC were invited to participate in the program. Expressions of interest were sought from all students studying Units 3 & 4 Biology in 2019. The program provided students with the opportunity to meet and work with accomplished local immunologists.

The program included the following:

  • An opening address from an eminent immunologist
  • Laboratory workshops, including microscopy of immune cells and the ELISA assay, guided by a scientist mentor
  • Career presentation, highlighting pathways supported by training in immunology

Interschool Athletics

On Wed 1 May PVGC sent 33 competitors to the inter division athletics carnival held at Collingwood Athletics Club.

Congratulations to the following students who won places in their events. Those finishing First or Second now qualify for the region finals in September. Thanks to Miss Rose, Miss Panebianco and Alexia Clemente yr 12 for their outstanding help on the day.

Yifen SOUKASEUN 1st High Jump, Shot Put and Javelin
Larrissa HAIFA 1st Discus and 1500 walk, 3rd Triple Jump
Amber NIUMATA 2nd Long Jump and Javelin
Monica RAHME 2nd Shot Put and Javelin
Amy PECCHIAR 2nd Long Jump, 3rd Javelin
Yasmine BEN-ROMDHANE 3rd Long Jump, Discus
Zainab OBEID 3rd 100m, 200m
Caitlin SARGENT 2nd 1500m
Shayla HOLMQUEST 3rd 200m

Mr Freeman
Sports Coordinator

Interschool Netball

On the 30th of April Pascoe Vale Girls College sent two intermediate teams to play the interschool netball division round at Coburg Stadium. Overall both teams did well, with Pascoe Vale A-team finishing a close 2nd to an excellent side from Coburg High School and the B-team placing at 4th out of 7 teams. In all matches both A-team and B-team were exceptional as they constantly demonstrated determination, enthusiasm and good sportsmanship even when results did not go our way. Congratulations to both teams on the tremendous effort displayed throughout the day, you have all done Pascoe Vale Girls College proud.

Written by Taylor Panebianco (B team Coach)

Thank You to Ms Gowers and Ms Panebianco for coaching both teams

(Mr Freeman, Sports Coordinator)

Jasleen KaurSANDHU09B

Senior Volleyball Region Finals

In March, the Senior Volleyball Team participated in the Moreland District Round (round 1) of the Senior Interschool Sports Competition. On the day, PVGC versed 3 other senior teams. Even though we had lost one game against Glenroy College, we managed to make it through to the next round, Region Finals. On the 4th of April 2019 the senior team travelled to Darebin Community Sports Stadium; we were determined to give this our best shot and play the best as we could considering it is the teams last year, as well as have fun.There we played against 3 schools, sadly we lost 2 out of the 3 games. Overall, the whole experience was amazing and we had a wonderful day!

By Busra Kavusan


Ms Tomat (Coach)

LOTE Week 2019

Week two was LOTE Week at PVCG and what a great week it was! On Monday, the students enjoyed a variety of Japanese food such as maki zushi, harumaki, karaage and yukimi daifuku for dessert.

Tuesday was a festive day with DJ Micky G entertaining students and teachers with his glorious music while they enjoyed some delicious French Crepes and Italian Gelato.

Multicultural quizzes were run daily in the library. Four winners were selected at the end of each day. Congratulations to all students who have won a prize!

LOTE Week concluded with a popular soccer game between staff and students. Unfortunately for students this year, the staff team won (5-1).

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of this week!

Ms Francis
LOTE LA Leader

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Donate to the VCAL Senior Literacy Toiletries drive.

For the first part of this year, the Year 12 senior VCAL Literacy students have been studying the issue of homelessness in Australia. We have really been inspired to do as much as we can to help these people.

We are asking for you to help the homeless by donating new, unused toiletries. We take simple things like soap, toothpaste and a toothbrush for granted but these things can make a big difference to the homeless.

Donation can be dropped off at every Sub School (Junior, Middle and Senior school) or you can drop off your donation to the VCAL students every Friday lunch time at the stage area.

Donations will be collected until the 31st of May. Every donation will earn one house point for your house. Please help us help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Deny Dimartino and Aleyna Demir
VCAL Senior Literacy Class