IWD March 8th 2019


International Women’s Day @ PVGC March 8th 2019

On behalf of the IWD Committee we’d like to thank the Committee and all of you for creating a fantastic day for our students and staff on Friday 8th March @PVGC

Without the dedication and commitment of these people, to the importance of the day, it would not happen.

Inspirational Guest speakers included;

Mayor of Moreland Cr Natalie Ahboud
MP Maria Vamvakinou
Dr Marietta Martinovic
Mariella Teuira – Founder Itiki Sporting Club. 
Victoria Police- Detective Sgt Lauren Lupi (ex PVGC student)
MFB – Firefighter Amanda Lawless & Firefighter Kelly Cameron

International Women’s Day Committee 

S. Sheppard, K. Hall, K. Moloney, D. Dilisio, St Johns and Noor Zeno, P. Hernon, D. Rosa, S Tobias, G. Tomat, H. Almadhoun & the Leadership students, Noor Zeno and her team, St Johns, Leanne Williams David Rosa and the talented PVGC Music Performer, Terry Anne Cattle, Principal team, Miss Yan and VCD Poster designer Alahna Santos

Sincerely S Tobias

Year 9 Outdoor Ed Camp – Torquay

Year 7 Camp 2019

“Making the News” Careers Workshop

The interactive excursion called ‘Making the News’ held at La Trobe University was a great opportunity on the 28th of February for those who signed up for it. The day started off with an introduction into the aspects of photography and camera angles, leading to some prizes if the name of the movie was recalled. Students split into groups and created an entertaining situation in La Trobe where they may have had a ‘ghost’ sneaking around in their basement, or an evil vending machine taking their money. Using high quality camcorders, we were able to take funny interviews within the groups, record our skit and transfer it onto the computers via the SD memory card. Learning to edit our video was so fun. Using Adobe Premiere Pro, we were able to cut and edit tracks as well as add an audio track to the beginning and end. This part of the day was where we brought our skit together and edited out the bloopers.

As well as exploring La Trobe’s facilities, we got a taste of what it’s like backstage in a TV studio newsroom. With fantastic guides teaching us about each set of equipment like the cameras and the control room, students were able to successfully compile a live news update. Being on set behind a camera was one of the best parts of the day because we got to recreate a news channel and add smooth transitions to the footage. In the control room was a small studio with a screen showing what each camera was looking at right at that moment. This room was where the on-air signal was controlled and the instructions were given out.

A big thank you to Ms Moloney for organising this excursion and Mr Cantelmi for putting up with us for the entire day. It was such a great opportunity to sign up for, so thank you.

Alicia McConnell 9A

Year 9 Latrobe University Screen Sound Excursion

On the 1st of March, the Year 9 Digital Photography class attended a whole day Screen Sound Workshop which was led by two special graduates, Nicole (an ex PVGC student) and Kelly.

We were educated on the following five key elements of screensound; atmosphere, which are soundtracks that provide an ambience and a location, SFX, which are additional recorded sounds to enhance particular moments, Foley, which is recorded by Foley artists, who replicate sounds in a studio that sound like and match an action seen on screen, dialogue and ADR, which refers to speech that needs to be recorded again if the quality is poor, and this process is called ADR (automated dialogue replacement), and music, which is tracks used to enhance screen content by evoking emotion by providing subtext and mood. In La Trobe’s sound studio, students were able to explore the different sounds you can make with different objects and how to check the volume level.

We were split into different groups and were given a short clip to recreate the sound to. Everyone got to pick a microphone and then an object whilst another group was in the background learning how to adjust the volume level, mute the video and switch the input and output from each microphone.

Towards the end of the day, we got to edit our audio using professional Adobe software ‘Protools’ which really brought our video to life. We had to cut and chop down audio, and make sure the dialogue parts weren’t on the same tracks as just normal walking or nature sounds which was very entertaining.

The workshop was extremely fun and informative, as it was almost entirely hands-on, and I highly recommend it to all, even if they’re not specifically into screensound, as it is a very fun experience!

Our last job was to overlay a soundtrack onto our video, setting the mood for the clip. I We would like to thank Miss Moloney and Ms Tobias for organising the excursion and taking us to La Trobe University. The staff who ran the day were absolutely fabulous, so a big thank you to them.

Alicia McConnell & Ezgi Olken Year 9 Digital Photography

Pascoe Vale Girls College Captains and House team Captains 2019

Congratulations to our school captains and house team captains on their appointments as the PVGC leaders for this year.            

VCE Chemistry Women in their Element Excursion

On Friday 1st March, selected students from year 11 and 12 Chemistry participated in the Women in their Element event at Monash University, Parkville Campus. This event was held especially for International Women’s’ Day and was only for Victorian female VCE Chemistry students. This event allowed girls studying VCE chemistry to learn about careers involving chemistry, meet inspiring women currently working and studying in the field, and participate in a curriculum-aligned workshop to extend their VCE chemistry knowledge.