PVGC 2018 DUX and High Achievers

Congratulations to Chloe Romero who was the PVGC DUX for 2018 with a ATAR score of 97.95. Chloe accepted a scholarship at the University of Melbourne for the inaugural Melbourne Principals’ Scholarship for academic excellence and outstanding contribution to the school and wider community.

All high achievers pictured below achieved a ATAR score of 80 and above.

Pictured: (Top, left to right) Serenay Demir, Belinda Tran, Olivia Pavich, Dounia Hassoun, Francesca Penco, Teresa Bui.

(Bottom, left to right) Samin Zia, Luisa Blancato, Mona Cameron, Thifa Samaritaan, Megan Howell, Chloe Romero, Emily Marriage, Madeline Jeynes, Zaynab Ali-Nadif


Welcome to all members of our school community. We have had a very positive start to the year with students engaged in a variety of learning programs across the school. Year 7 students have been engaged in a dedicated transition program to support their move to secondary education which provides students with the support they need to ensure a successful start at Pascoe Vale GirlsCollege.

At Pascoe Vale Girls College, we are committed to providing students with the opportunity to succeed as learners and as confident and competent citizens who can make a valuable contribution to a global society, underpinned by the values of Respect, Diversity and Achievement. 2019 will see the consolidation of policies, programs and systems developed to enhance teaching and learning and provide further opportunities for students to experience success. The academic program at the college is supported by a relevant and contemporary co-curricular program with student accomplishments recognised and celebrated across a range of endeavours.

Students will be presented with challenges; both intellectual and physical which will enhance their learning experience and prepare them for a future as citizens in a global community. We recognise the important role that both parents and schools play in developing positive attitudes towards learning and education for children, building their motivation and confidence and fostering their enjoyment of learning. At Pascoe Vale Girls College this partnership, based on mutual trust and respect and shared responsibility, provides the educational foundation for the creation of a learning environment where every student can experience success, pursue their passions and contribute to their community.

New Staff

I would like to welcome the following staff to the College:

Colm Reale: Maths Learning Area
Kate Cash: English Learning Area
Ben McDonald: English Learning Area
Ping Yan: Arts Learning Area
Emilee McFarlane: Science Learning Area
Fal Bhatt: Science Learning Area
Tegan Perry: English Learning Area
Ann Andrews: English and Humanities Learning Areas
Grace Gowers: Science and English Learning Areas

College Captains

I am pleased to introduce Gimma Gorgis and April Tailiki, College Captains for 2019 to our school community. Gimma and April will be wonderful ambassadors for our school and have already represented the student body at our welcome assembly and Year 7 Induction evening.

We welcome parents and guardians to contact the college regarding your child’s educational program, wellbeing or any college events for 2019. The first whole school program for the year will be the college swimming sports to be held on Tuesday 19 February. This will be the inaugural House event for 2019 where we will celebrate individual and House achievement with new Houses, House Leaders and House Captains.

Pictured: April Tailiki (left) and Gimma Gorgis (right)

Important dates for 2019 have been provided for your information below.

Welcome back to the 2019 school year from the Senior School.

All VCE students have had an assembly where they were given a handout explaining ALL of the school’s VCE/VCAL requirements.  Please encourage your child to return the acknowledgement slip attached to this handout, to the Senior School ASAP. There is a spot for a parent signature, so please familiarise yourself with this policy.  If any questions are raised from this handout, please do not hesitate to contact the Senior School:

Year 11              11A-D Ms Al Madhoun               11E-H Ms Munari

Year 12              12A-D Ms De Neef                       12E-H Ms Hall                 

Head of Senior School: Mrs Rodda

Success in VCE is reliant on the following:

  • It is vitally important that all students have the correct electronic devices, books and equipment needed for each subject.  Learning is hindered when students are not prepared for class. Please ensure that your child is fully equipped for all classes.  If there are any issues please contact the Senior School.
  • All students need to attend school punctually and every day.
  • Utilise time efficiently by completing work actively and seeking help readily
  • Communication is essential.  If you or your child have any issues or need support in any way, please do not hesitate to contact the senior school coordinators.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our 2018 Year 12 students on their fantastic ATAR results and wish them all the best with their university / TAFE / job placements.

The Year 12 students were so enthused to finally receive their hoodies on Friday 8th February.

North Brunswick Junior FC

Public Transport Notice

Click “Download” below to view the Public Transport Notice

Important Dates 2019

Click “Download” below to view the important dates for 2019

Year 7 Induction evening


Pascoe Vale Girls College is proud to welcome a new cohort of students into its community every year and is eager to give these students the recognition they deserve for their transition from Primary School to Secondary College.

This year, the Year 7 Induction Evening to give this recognition was held in the E. D. Daniel Hall on Monday 11th of February.

The evening was a great success with a strong attendance by students who were enthusiastically supported by their parents and families.  Parents were given a chance to mix with members of staff prior to the ceremony and to meet some of their children’s teachers.

At the ceremony, a musical item by Hope Smithers 12G (cello), April Tailiki 12H (keyboards) and Taylah Ryan 12G (vocals) was a beautifully delivered start to the proceedings.  Following an address by Principal, Ms Peddle, and another by College Captains, April Tailiki 12G and Gimma Gorgis 12C, each Year 7 student lined up form by form in roll order to be presented to the Principal.

Many nervous students ascended the steps onto the stage and, after congratulations and a handshake from Ms Peddle, they left the stage in possession of their Oak Leaf badge which symbolises their official entry into the Pascoe Vale Girls College community.  There followed a round of applause for each form and a photo opportunity for all the proud parents and families in the audience.

The next speaker was the College Dux from 2010, Asmaa Zeno, who is now a qualified Pharmacist working in the Melbourne Hospital.  She explained her own personal journey to the new Year 7 students and illustrated that it is certainly possible to have an interrupted school career but still succeed, provided you are prepared to apply yourself to the best of your abilities.  Her story was an inspiring one showing that she grew to value her education as she went through High School and that she was able to succeed in her studies both at VCE and at University by applying herself to her studies.

To close, Year 7 Co-ordinators, Ms Arranga and Ms Dolheguy delivered a final encouraging welcome to the Year 7s urging them to make the most of their personal abilities in order to get the maximum out of their experience at Pascoe Vale Girls College.  They emphasised involvement in extra-curricular activities as well as all the various support structures which are in place to help students to succeed.

Year 7 cohort of 2019: welcome to Pascoe Vale Girls College.  We look forward to your contributions to College life at Pascoe Vale.  We salute you for your future efforts, your future learning and your future successes in all areas of College life.

Mr Philip Howells

Head of Junior School

Pictured: (Left to right) Kay Peddle, Shariya Abo-Shaban, Ayanda Dube, Assmaa Zeno and Alara Baykan

2019 Book Club


In2Science Peer Mentoring

In2Science Peer Mentoring will begin in week 7 of term 1 in selected years 7-10 Science and Mathematics classes. The mentors are trained volunteer STEM university students who, over the course of 10 weeks in each of Semesters 1-2, assist students with laboratory classes and coursework, aiming to positively change student attitudes towards science and maths and develop student STEM aspirations for year 12 and beyond. Mentors work with the teacher, acting as a valuable resource to help them meet the learning needs of all groups of students.

In Semester 2 2018, we had the pleasure of having a past student, Saumaya Fernando as a mentor in Ms Spiteri’s year 10 Science class. She was an extremely enthusiastic mentor who assisted students in their comprehension of Chemistry and Physics in preparation for their end of year exams.

To read more about the In2Science awards and Saumaya’s story, please click here.

For more information on In2Science, please click here.